JULY 6, 2017

The North Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans is proud to announce the unveiling of the second of its “mega flags” as part of the Flags Across the Carolinas project. 

The flag was raised on Tuesday, July 4th, 2017 on Highway 16 south across from 1330 Meridian Drive in Newton, North Carolina. In this 240th year following the Declaration of Independence, we think it is fitting to honor the spirit of the Founding Fathers with the flag that carried on their legacy through the second American Revolution of 1861-1865.  

The flag site was dedicated as the Private George Rabb Confederate Memorial Park. With this name, we are honoring George Rabb, a native of Catawba County and Private in the 12th North Carolina Troops. He was wounded during the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864 and his leg was amputated.  Private Rabb resided in Catawba County until his death in 1935. He is buried nearby at St. James Lutheran Church. 

The large flag being flown at the site sits at over eighty-five feet high and overlooks Highway 16  for all passersby to enjoy. The flag, a Confederate Army of Tennessee Battle Flag pattern, measures a twenty by thirty feet. 

The property is owned by the North Carolina Division. Several other sites are being considered across the state and more flags honoring our ancestors will be raised along major roads and highways in the near future. The North Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, a non-profit corporation, is now accepting donations of land or monies to further expand our Flags Across the Carolinas project. 

R. Kevin Stone


     The SCV Mechanized Cavalry of North Carolina is proud to announce that the “FLAGS ACROSS THE CAROLINAS” fund has been officially established to raise money to support the project of the placement of mega size Confederate flags in many high profile locations on private land across the Carolinas.
     This exciting project was adopted by the NCSCVMC in a partnership with the North Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to post the Confederate Battle Flag like the mega flags flying currently in other States all over the South like the twelve new flags flying in the State of Virginia.
     There is a minimum donation of $5.50 required to receive one of these new North Carolina
Division pins but all money donated above the minimum amount will be collected and donated by NB Forrest Camp 803 to this project to fly our Flags Across The Carolinas!  These pins can also be individually ordered as gifts or extras. Consider our mission by adding extra money for postage with your order.

Please submit completed form & check payable to NB Forrest Camp 803 and mail to:
Adjutant Chris Nance
210 High Ridge Drive, Apt. H
Sanford, NC 27330

Additional Info or Would Like to Donate Land for a Flag – Contact:
Commander Kevin Stone